Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Sorry if you hate cliches, but this is really the best title for this post. As much as I love my new job I am still struggling with the change in schedule, which is crazy since it's such a great schedule. Go figure! I suppose it will all work out eventually.

Okay, to the post. Amanda, the youngest of the two most wonderful daughters in the world ( sorry ladies but my daughters totally rock and are the best LOL) had her 20th birthday on July 3rd. I can't believe it. I remember when I was pregnant with her, so many people were so sure I would have a boy. I knew better. No I didn't have an ultra sound with her, but in my heart I knew I would be blessed with another girl. She was a momma's girl from the start and is still.

We did some shopping on her birthday and celebrated with Eric's family on the fourth. We enjoyed the cake she made for herself. It was unbelievable. An Alabama football helmet. See for yourself at www.thedessertfairy.blogspot.com. I bet she will get some orders for that during football season.

So here is a BIG but belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my daughter Amanda Leanne. I love you!!

Blessings to all,