Thursday, May 21, 2009

Talking to God

In my devotion this morning the author told the story of a boy who came home from college after his first semester. His mom asked, "Why have you not written or called us since you've been gone?" He replied," I haven't had time." His mother then said, "Then you are too busy."

Is that the way it is with our prayer life? Does God tell us if we can't find time to pray then we are too busy?

Just like this mother missed and desired to communicate with her son, God desires to communicate with us. Isn't it awesome ,that the God who created the universe, wants to talk with us and misses us when we don't pray.

Thank you Father for loving me and desiring communication with me. Help me to come to you with love and praises and not just an agenda of needs.

Pray continually. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Job Interview #2

I interviewed for another job today. This one is also with the health dept and is a state job. It is for a TB coordinator position. If I get this position I would be the coordinator for 6 counties. My office would be in my town. It is very interesting and I think I would like the challenge. I Should know something next week.

The other position is still out there. They are waiting for the state to process the other nurse from a county to state position.

I guess I will just keep praying, keep interviewing until God picks the right one for me.

Blessings to all,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Eric's mom had to have surgery on her ankle this morning. When she followed up with the orthopaedic yesterday, he discovered that the break was bigger than they originally thought and would have to put in 2 screws. He did that this morning and it went well. She was really slow to wake up, but we knew to expect that with her.

Eric's dad is much better today. He is still having some difficulty with the cracked ribs but seems to feel a lot better.

We were so excited when we went back to Pre-Op to see Liz before surgery. Dr Thomas said he didn't like to go into surgery without praying. He led us all in pray. It was awesome. It made us all feel better.

Lord Jesus, thank you for the mercy and protection you have shown us this weekend. Thank you for Christian doctors who are not afraid to lift their patients up to you. Amen

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Scary Day and Crazy Weekend

Eric called me Friday at 2:15 and told me to get home (from Nashville). His mom and dad had been injured in a wreck while traveling through Tuscaloosa. His mom had called him from the car. All she could tell him was that she was hurt and his dad was bleeding bad.

We rushed home, threw some clothes in a suit case and left. There is no fast way to get there. We knew it would take several hours and it felt like an eternity knowing that we needed to be there and couldn't. Thankfully Eric's aunt lives in Cullman and was able to get there in about an hour and a half. They kept us posted as we traveled.

Liz has a broken ankle and a cracked sternum. She is in a lot of pain and it is very difficult for her to move because of the sternum. She is of course very sore all over. Kurt bit his tongue very bad and had to have it sutured. Thankfully that's where all the blood was coming from. The tongue is very vascular and bleeds like crazy. He has a cracked rib which is very painful and also is sore all over.

After two nights in the hospital we were able to get them back home last night. We had to get a hospital bed and wheel chair for Liz. Normally they would have taught her how to use crutches before living the hospital but because of the cracked sternum she can't use her upper body. It's going to be a very long recovery for her. This woman is almost 68 but looks much much younger and acts my age. She will be stir crazy in a couple of days. Kurt is an ER doc and is determined to be back at work for his shift on Thursday. We are worried about that. He works in Mississippi and has Liz to drive him back in forth. He gets sleepy very easily and we're not comfortable with him driving that far by himself. We have a lot to figure out. Eric's uncle, aunt, and grandmother are with them some this week and eventually I will be out of work some to stay with his mom.

We are so thankful to God that there are not injured worse. They usually drive their Toyota Avalon but the tires needed to be balanced. Thank God!! Instead they drove the Nissan Armada which is very big and very tough and it will surely be totalled. They would have been hurt a lot worse in that car.

Please keep them in your prayers as they recover.