Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Christina

Twenty two years ago at this moment I was half way through a long labor which proved to be worth every minute. At 1:40 in the afternoon I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She weighed 8 lbs 13 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long. She was given the name Christina Lynn Hayes. Christina was named after both her grandmothers. Marty's mom's middle name being Christine and my mom's middle name being Lynn. Needless to say the grandmothers were extremely happy with this decision.

Christina was the only girl in a nursery of six babies and she was biggest of all. She didn't have much hair, but what she had was obviously red like her dad's hair. And can I just say she also (and still does) had the temper to go with it. I could hear her coming down the hall when they would bring her to nurse. She was mad and ready to eat!

Since Christina was the first granddaughter and great granddaughter you can only imagine how spoiled she was right from the start. That K. Tilley was there everyday. She contributed often to her spoiling!!

While Christina was spoiled with much love, she still remained to be the sweetest child. She always had an eye for the best, but rarely ask for it. She never demanded name brand clothes but got them when possible on sale. I did splurge for prom. She always had the best and always looked beautiful.

Christina enjoyed school and always did very well. She was always very socialble, loved activities and loved her friends. I know a couple of guys (Greg J and Alan T) who would have never made it through school without her mothering them. She would bring home their pens at night so they would be sure to have one the next day. LOL LOL

My daughter has brought me so much joy over her lifetime. She has made me so proud. I know she will be a great wife and teacher. Being a mother has come natural to her since Amanda was born. Some day she will be an awesome mom to her own children.

Happy Birthday Bama Girl.

I love you very much,



  1. I did spoil that child didn't I? Loved every min. of it!