Thursday, April 9, 2009

What Day is it?

Today is Friday, right? No wait today is Thursday. But I thought tomorrow was Saturday. I don't have to work tomorrow so isn't it Saturday.

I have been so confused all day. Knowing I don't have to come back to work tomorrow makes me continually think it is Friday.

Well whatever day it is, I am thankful to have 3 days off. There is much to do and many miles to travel. We will get Kaleb tomorrow instead of picking him up on Saturday like the normal routine. Of course that means I will think tomorrow is Saturday when it is really just Friday!

Wow, we really get so set in our routine and something like a day off can really throw us for a loop!

Kaleb has his jamboree Saturday and I have some cooking to do for Sunday. After church Sunday we will make the 2 hrs trip back home to visit with the family for several hours before making the return 2 hr trip. Oh I get so tired, but it is worth every bit of it. I miss Christina, Adam and momma so much. I am excited to be having our annual Easter lunch at my Aunt Bobbie's house. I can't wait to see my cousins, and oh yeah, pinch Leslie really hard. LOL LOL

I wish you all a blessed Easter. Enjoy worshipping and praising our Risen Savior!


  1. Greg was off work today (their work is sloooow) and it has confused me all day. I say we just go ahead and call it Friday. :)

  2. Wishing you a Blessed Easter too!

  3. Hope you guys had a great visit and a wonderful Easter!

  4. You sound like me wondering what day it is! Hope you had a fabulous few days off..'

    Love you!