Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Hayden!!

I can't believe Hayden Tilley is 14 years old today. I remember being at the hospital waiting on him to be born and thinking he would never get here. Sure enough the doc had to go get him.

We loved the little crazy haired fat baby boy. He was almost 10 lbs which is so funny if you know him now. One of my favorite memories is when he was laying on the changing table and almost pee'd (or may have no one knows for sure) in his paw paw's coffee cup. Of course the funniest was the look on his paw paw's face as he looked in his cup and then went to pour it out!

Hayden has entertained us often over the years, mostly with his preaching. He would stand on the hearth at his maw maw's house and preach away! The best of all is when we were at the lake house and he was outside preaching to Lillie:

Leslie: Lillie come on we've got to go.
Hayden: (preaching, never stopped his sermon, look at Leslie and said) She ain't going with ya "praise God". ..

...and went right back to preaching! It is one of the many things I wish we would have had on video. Unfortunately Hayden never would let us film the preaching.

He has grown up to be such a sweet guy. We praised God for his salvation only a short time ago and we know God will someday use his talents.

Hayden loves sports, hunting, and music and is good at them all. He is very gifted.

Hayden, I love you and I am very proud of you. Continue to follow God in all you do and always put him first.



  1. Hayden is one of the cutest, sweetest young men I know!

    Happy Bithday from the Guinn gang Hayden!

  2. Happy Birthday Hayden!! What a pleasure it has been to watch you grow up from that little pre-schooler to a fine young man! Hope you have a wonderful day! Love ya bunches!!!

  3. Thanks for the sweet post. And Yes, if the doc had not go in and got him I would still be pregnant!!!! He was one determinded little baby.......(wonder where he get's that) LOL Love ya!

  4. Happy Birthday Hayden! Too bad he didn't tell us about his birthday Friday night. . .we could have had a ball at the bowling alley with that!

  5. This is kid is ALRIGHT.... but not that great! lol. YOU KNOW IM KIDDING!! I love him so so so much and I think he is the best thing in the whole wide world!! I want my kids to grow up to be just like him. Happy Birthday Hayden!