Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Retreat at the Beach

Vacation! Oh how I love the word and the reality of it! We have been at Orange Beach since Saturday afternoon. There is no vacation I love more than being at the beach. God's power and awesomeness is so obvious here. I could sit all day and watch the ocean waves crashing on the shore.

I have left the condo property only twice. Once to eat out and one trip to the store. We aren't running all over town, just enjoying the beach and the water. I got too much sun the first day and stayed in and read yesterday. I was perfectly ok with that! As long as I can see the ocean I'm okay!

The porpoise are abundant, like I've never seen before. They have been jumping out of the water and really putting on a show. I have been going to the beach most of my life and have never seen them play like they have this week.

My father-in-law has led us in devotion every morning and it has been really special. Kaleb and his friend Brandon have been a big part in reading scripture and praying. I am thankful to have family that loves God!

Pictures. Maybe, maybe not. We'll see.

Blessing to all


  1. So glad to hear you are getting some rest and relaxtion! Have fun on the beach and be careful on your trip back!

  2. Glad your having a great time. Wish I were there!!