Tuesday, March 17, 2009


While others are celebrating St Patrick's Day, I am remembering my Maw Maw. Today would have been her 89 th Birthday.

Others know her as Robert Allie "Bob" Smith. Yes her first name was Robert. I don't think anyone has ever been sure why.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of being at her house. Many weekends, holidays and summer weeks were spent there. So often I will see, smell, or hear something that will remind me her.

For some reason I had many, many nicknames growing up. The most popular was Le-Le. I think Kerri started this when she was little. My uncle Bill called me He-Le. I never new why but I loved it because I thought he was the greatest. ( miss him so much) There were other names but for the sake of this post the most important would be Squirtwater! My Maw Maw called me Squirtwater. I have absolutely no idea where she got that. Luckily she changed to
Le-Le when I got older.

Maw Maw's house was very old, but can I tell you it was always so clean. You could eat off her floors. Every time I smell Pine cleaner I think about her. She always cleaned with that stuff.
Sand mountain must have gotten it's name from her yard. We had our own huge sand box. One great memory is having to dust our feet off before going to bed. She would always remind us of that.

Everybody has an "ice box" in their frig, but my maw maw had a "ice box" room. This was the back bedroom that wasn't heated. If you slept in that room it was with about 5 quilts on top of you. You couldn't turn over; the cover was too heavy. The "ice box" room was also known as the "back room". It was referred to as this by any parent, usually my daddy or my Uncle Bill, who would threaten discipline. " Do you want to go to the back room?" If you think about that is at least a step up from the "wood shed". LOL

Maw Maw had more of her share of health problems. She felt bad a lot and dealt with depression. But when she was feeling good, she was so funny. I loved it when her sisters visited from Arkansas. You have never heard so much carrying on and giggling from three old women. It was just like they were a bunch of teenage girls.

My Maw Maw loved her children, grand children, and great grand children. More than anything I am so glad my girls new her and remember her. I do plan to someday have a granddaughter named "Allie". At least that has been a promise from Bama Girl.

Miss you Maw Maw!

Blessings to all,

Leigh Anne


  1. Don't forget about all the times my dad would pull mawmaw's britches down to her ankles and laugh his head off.......lol

    Thanks for the memories Mawmaw! (or Old Mawmaw as Taylor would say)

  2. I had occassion to be in her home and loved this woman. She was a hoot.

  3. Kerri,
    I didn't forget and meant to tell about it and just forgot. Glad you did. It was hilarious!

  4. oh yea, and what about Blue Jim.......it's ashame that our kids don't fear Blue Jim.......lol

  5. I do remember being threatened some with Blue Jim. lol. I miss Maw Maw too. She was hilarious. I will never forget the last time Aunt Blackie was here. Maw Maw didn't have her teeth in and couldn't talk right, and Aunt Blackie couldn't hear a stinkin' thing. They were getting tickled at each other because they couldn't understand what each other was saying! It was Hayden that said.. "Are you deaf Aunt Blackie?".. right? I remember to when Maw Maw would pinch daddy's butt and just giggle! lol. I can't wait to have me a girl so I can name her Allie. I know Maw Maw would love her being named after her.

  6. Leigh Anne,

    What a great story and tribute to your Mam Maw. I think it was especially touching to me because we called my grandmother Mam Maw too!! We lost her at an early age to breast cancer but while we had her she was a hoot!

    Blessings to you today! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I certainly enjoyed my time here!