Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fool Update

That Leslie got me really good today. It was so mean I'm not even going to share it.
I was so relieved to learn it was a joke. She is in so much trouble when I see her next.
Girls watch your back when she's around. LOL LOL I love her. She has a way of always getting you when you least expect it. I know it is April 1st, I should of been more prepared. Not to mention the fact that she's been getting me for about 37 years!


  1. I am never prepared for jokes. I always take everyone so serious! Kenny usually gets one on me. Hope you and Amanda are having a good week! Tell her I said hello! Love Ya'll!

  2. OK You know you just can't leave us hanging like that! Do tell! LOL

  3. That's priceless! Especially since you mentioned her jokes in your previous post! haha!

    Kyle always tries to get me,...but I usually end up getting him first! (or at least better!!) lol