Thursday, February 19, 2009

We Love Our Dog

If you read The Dessert Fairy's last blog you know about our sweet Nala getting run over last Friday. She was doing well and getting around on three legs until Monday night. She got really sick and somewhat lifeless so we took her to the Pet ER. Unless you are a dog lover, you probably think we're crazy. Its seems the anti-inflammatory she was taking for her injuries really upset her stomach.

All day Tuesday I fed her water from a medicine dropper and gave her Pepto for her stomach. I was more concerned that she couldn't support herself when we tried to get her up. Eric called the Vet Tuesday night and reported her symptoms and he said he would see her Wednesday morning and it might be that we would have to put her to sleep. Of course that had already been on my mind all day. I have cried myself dry.

So I went to bed Tuesday realizing and accepting what would probably happen the next day. I wake up Wednesday morning to a dog who is lying down on her stomach, her head in the air, and panting like normal.(normal for her)

I scrambled her an egg (doctors orders, not her normal breakfast) and she ate it up quickly and drank from her water bowl. Yeah!! I left her at the Vets office and received a call about her a few hours later.

Okay I'll hurry. It seems she can't walk because of the inflammation around the nerve endings. The doc has put her on a lot of steroids to decrease the swelling and is optimistic that she will recover to her old self. So its like we are caring for a little old person. Surprisingly the cost is more in time and effort that dollars. So we are going to tough it out. The vet also found a heart problem that can be controlled with meds.

Unless you have met our sweet dog you probably can't understand why we would do all of this. She is absolutely the best natured and sweetest dog ever. We got her when she was 6 weeks old and she turned 14 on Feb. 11th. As long as the doc feels she has quality of life then I will do what needs to be done.

If you believe in praying for animals, say one for Nala!

Leigh Anne

( And a special thanks to my fellow nurses, Eric and The Dessert Fairy. I couldn't do it without them.)

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  1. I understand completely! (coming from someone who just had her dog's skull wired back together.......) Love our dogs!