Friday, February 20, 2009

What A Week!!!!!

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? Last night on our way home from Nashville my husband was feeling really bad and new he was getting sick. He wanted something nice and warm for supper. You know, comfort food!

Our local BBQ rest. has great Brunswick Stew. No problem except the drive-thru was about 8 cars long. Hubby feeling too bad decided to try Wendy's for some chili. Wendy's wasn't too busy so we got our order and headed home.

I suddenly remembered I had to make a cash deposit at the bank (already closed). No problem the bank is on the way home and we can deposit in the ATM. OK there were 3 cars waiting for the ATM so we pulled to the window to use the night deposit. Great, no envelopes. So back to the ATM line which now (you guessed it ) has 4 cars in line. Hubby waited patiently and finally had our turn only to see the message: ATM NOT ACCEPTING CASH DEPOSITS!!!!

We had to forget the whole banking thing and return home for our Wendy's supper .......
Of course NO CHILI in the bag. S C R E A M!!!!!

My husband was sick and needed some warm chili, so I went back to Wendy's and very, very christian like explained our incomplete order. It pays to be nice. They threw in an extra chili for our trouble.

After eating I did my nightly chores which now include nursing my sick dog and husband.

Didn't sleep well because hubby was up all night with a fever.

Clock didn't go off this morning! Nursed dog and hubby and still somehow managed to make it to Nashville by 8am. I later realized I only had mascara on one eye, but I made it.

I survived a very crazing and emotional week. It will get better as I get to see my son-in-law baptized this Sunday. An answered prayer!! Thank you Lord!

Have a blessed weekend,

Leigh Anne


  1. Don't you just love those days! Hope you have had a better day and everyone gets to feeling better!

  2. Sorry you had a bad week! I went to Church last Sunday and forgot to even put on foundation! Let me tell you my freckles were just shining! Really...I did get my eyes on but that was it. I am excited to see the baptizing Sunday morning also! Praise the Lord for decisions!

  3. So pumped over the baptism!!!!!!!! Hilarious about the one eyed makeup!! My eyelashes are so puny, people would be looking at me weird if I did that!