Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Window View

The view from the window is beautiful. The sun shines on what is now a land of vibrant color. The birds fly by and the squirrels jump along the ground giving more evidence of the season. Cars are in their usual rush and occasional walkers can be spotted enjoying their stroll through a park or down a sidewalk.

There are also faces, many faces. There is the woman who looks tired from whatever controls her time and the man who appears in a hurry to meet a deadline. A teen can be seen driving too fast and an elderly one who obviously needs a hand. Then there is a man, soiled and mismatched, holding a sign that pleas for help. Faces of joy, faces of pain, faces of grief and stress; if we take notice they can be seen all around.

The window has another view. This is the one that looks inside of you. What do the people around you see?

Is it Jesus that appears when they look in you? Do they see love and joy and gratitude? Is it there but sometimes hard to view, because of something that is bothering you. Whatever it is, give it to God, so that others will see him, too.

Lord help me to keep the window of my heart clean, so the others may have a clear view to see you.

Blessing to all,


  1. I am so blessed to have the most wonderfull daughter(in law)in the world I so enjoy her blog right from her heart (where is the book) she certainly has a writing talent we love you Liz Kurt

  2. My prayer is the same, that people see Jesus in me. That I have clean hands and a pure heart.

  3. May others see Jesus in me! Thanks for the encouraging words!!