Friday, February 13, 2009

A Bitter Sweet Valentine Day

This holiday season is bitter sweet for the family and friends of Tammy Watkins. Bitter in the heartbreak felt of her not being here with us, but sweet in the great memories she left with us.

Please visit Christina's blog for her memorial to Tammy.

I would like to tell you of the Tammy I knew. I was privileged to work with Tammy at the hospital the first 2 years of my nursing career. She was the most awesome nurse ever! Tammy was the kind of nurse you were always glad to have around. Her intelligence and kind heart gave her the qualities to provide the most excellent care to her patients.
The doctors loved her, too. They always knew their patients were in the best of hands when Tammy was their nurse. In the world of Labor and Delivery, the nurse spends so much more time with the patient during their birth process than the doctor. Sometimes the doc doesn't make it in time and the nurse delivers. This happened to Tammy many times in her career!! She was indeed the best!!!

Later it became apparent to me that Tammy's son Adam would someday be my son-in-law. I often thought about how fun it would be to someday share grandchildren. Although it is sad to know that our grandchildren will not know her in this life, I will make sure they know all the memories I have of her.

Leigh Anne


  1. I have crazy memories from high school but the one that makes me laugh the most is when I had to go back into the hospital after having hayden. She got me to the bathroom and we realized I didn't have everything with me since I wasn't prepared for the doctor to put me back in the hospital. I sat down in the bathroom and waited and waited and waited for her to come back. Really, 15 min. had pasted. So I did what anybody would do and pulled the em. cord! Boy that got her there in about .02 seconds.......If I wasn't physically impaired I think she would have beat me over the head.

  2. Me, Tammy and Gaye worked many concessions stands together over the years. She would always keep us laughing. She loved her boys dearly.

  3. Great tribute to Tammy. She would have been proud to read your kind words. I think Adam and Christina make the best couple! They are so cute together. Hope you have a great week!

  4. This is a beautiful tribute to Tammy! She was so much fun to be around! She was such a wonderful mom to her boys. That's the thing I'll always remember most about her. I'll also remember how she could tell you the straight up truth, no matter WHAT, and normally it should have just ticked people off, but the way she said it made it funny!

    She flat put our manager at Verizon in his place one time (rightfully so!) and by the time she was finished (several minutes later) he was cracking up and doing just what she wanted him to do!